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Essential Skills (ES)

The skills in the OSP are the Essential Skills that enable people to perform tasks required by their occupation and other activities of daily life. These skills provide people with the foundation for learning other skills, such as technical skills, and enhance their ability to adapt to change. Skill levels are provided for each skill.

Essential Skills in the OSP

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main skills
document Reading The comprehension of text consisting of sentences and paragraphs.
Writing Writing The preparation of written materials for a variety of purposes.
Use Document skill Document Use The use of labels, lists, signs, graphs, charts, tables, forms, and other similar materials
Use Computer skill Digital Technology The use of any type of digital technology.
Oral Communication Skill
Oral Communication The use of speech for a variety of purposes.
Numeric Skill Numeracy
Money Skill Money Math The use of mathematical skills in making financial transactions, such as handling cash, preparing bills, and making payments.
Schedule Budget Skill Scheduling or Budgeting and Accounting Planning for the best use of time and money, as well as monitoring the use of time and money.
Calculation Skill Measurement and Calculation The measurement and calculation of quantities, areas, volumes, and/or distances.
Data Analysis Skill Data Analysis The collection and analysis of data in numerical form.
Estimation Skill Numerical Estimation The production of estimates in numerical terms.
Thinking Skill Thinking Skills
Job Task Plan Skill Job Task Planning and Organizing The planning and organization of one's own work.
Decision Making Skill Decision Making The making of any type of decision, using appropriate information.
Problem Solving Skill Problem Solving The identification and solving of problems.
Finding Information Skill Finding Information The use of a variety of sources, including written text, people, computerized databases, and information systems. (See also Reading Text, Document Use, Computer Use, and Oral Communication above).
Critical Thinking Skill Critical Thinking Making judgments by using criteria to evaluate ideas and information and the related consequences.

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