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Work Habits (WH)

The OSP also includes a section on work habits, since it is important for everyone in the work force to have good work habits as well as the appropriate skills. Please note that there are no skill levels associated with the OSP Work Habits.

See the links between the OSP work habits and the Learning Skills and Work Habits from Growing Success.

The work habits included in the OSP are listed below:

Working Safely

  • Working in a manner that prevents injury to self and others
  • Reporting unsafe conditions
  • Participating in health and safety training, as required
  • Using and wearing all required protective equipment and devices


  • Working willingly with others
  • Showing respect for the ideas and opinions of others
  • Taking responsibility for his or her share of the work
  • Contributing to the team effort by sharing information, resources, and expertise


  • Being punctual
  • Following directions
  • Giving attention to detail
  • Using time effectively and producing work on time
  • Acting in accordance with health and safety practices


  • Organizing work priorities when faced with a number of tasks
  • Devising and following a coherent plan to complete a task
  • Revising the plan when necessary to complete a task or to make improvements

Working Independently

  • Accomplishing tasks independently
  • Independently selecting, evaluating, and using appropriate materials, tools, resources, and activities
  • Using prior knowledge and experience to solve problems and make decisions


  • Beginning and completing tasks with little prompting
  • Approaching new tasks with confidence and a positive attitude
  • Seeking assistance when necessary


  • Asking questions and seeking clarification, where appropriate
  • Identifying and making use of appropriate resources and support when needed
  • Being proactive regarding individual rights and responsibilities, where appropriate

Customer Service

  • Listening effectively to determine and meet clients' needs
  • Interacting positively with both co-workers and clients/customers
  • Endeavouring to meet and exceed expectations
  • Creating a positive impression of the company or organization


  • Recognizing and acting on opportunities
  • Showing perseverance
  • Being innovative and creative
  • Being versatile and resourceful

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