Introduction and Tips for Teachers

OSP Key Messages (PDFRTF)

Key messages about how learners, parents, employers and teachers can use the OSP.

OSP and Growing Success (PDFRTF)

See the linkages between the OSP work habits and the Learning Skills and Work Habits in Growing Success.

Learner Checklists

    • Learner Checklist for using the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) in Career Studies (GLC2O) (PDF, RTF)

    • Learner Checklist for using the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) in Cooperative Education (PDF, RTF)

Tips for Teachers

    • Elementary Teachers (PDF, RTF)

    • Classroom Teachers – Secondary - All Subjects (PDFRTF)

    • Career Studies (PDFRTF)

    • Guidance Counsellors (PDFRTF)

    • Cooperative Education and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) Coordinators (PDFRTF)

    • Special Education (PDF , RTF)

    • Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSMs) (PDFRTF)

    • Chart for SHSM in Arts and Culture (PDFRTF)

    • Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) (PDFRTF)

    • Adult and Continuing Education Teachers (PDFRTF)

    • Strategies for Teaching Applied Courses (PDF, RTF)

    • Tips for Teachers and Facilitators Involved in the Single Parent Pilot Projects (PDF, RTF)

Tips for Parents (PDFRTF)

Use the OSP with your children and see how they can use it to assess, build, document and track their Essential Skills and work habits and transfer them to everyday life and the next place they go – whether it’s further education, training or the workplace.

OSP Training Materials

Educators, literacy practitioners and trainers can use the training materials that focus on Essential Skills, skill-building activities and work habits.

OSP Website Activities with Certificates

Module 1: Work Habits (PDFRTF)

    • Certificate of Completion: Module 1 (PDFRTF)

Module 2: Essential Skills (PDFRTF)

    • Certificate of Completion: Module 2 (PDFRTF)

Module 3: Search for Tasks by Occupation (PDFRTF)

    • Certificate of Completion: Module 3 (PDFRTF)

Module 4: OSP Work Plan (PDFRTF)

    • Certificate of Completion: Module 4 (PDFRTF)

Messages for Employers (PDFRTF)

Co-operative education teachers, job developers and others can use this resource to promote the OSP with employers.